Monday, June 20, 2011

Project 3: Models

1:100 model with adjacent buildings
Above: View from Victoria St

Above: View from Butler Stairs

Above: Plan view

1:50 sectional model: Gardeners house surrounded by collectors house, facing city.

Project 3: Double house and garden

Client 1: Young male art collector.
Client 2: Retired gardener

-Gradual movement- like walking through a forest, and blurring the boundary between interior and exterior garden.
-Concept of winding through the building and site as if moving through a forest inspired by the Villa Mairea

- Gardeners house situated within the collectors house and is more connected to the private garden courtyard than the collectors house.
- Collectors house is more spread out across the site to include an office, storage and be connected to the gallery and public space.
- Gardener and collector share a small corridor at the back of the site where the city view can be enjoyed in each other's company
-Public space- the gallery begins at street level and extends to the back of the site with a rooftop outdoor sculpture garden.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE VILLA SAVOYE: a machine for living

Above: Ground floor plan

Above: First floor plan and roof level plan

Above: Structural system: The arrangement of pilotis from a regular grid--> altered-for-living grid. The pilotis--> free facade, free plan and ribbon windows

Above: Relationship between major parts of house: sections showing key role of ramp and stairs in linking main parts together and for the house as a whole.
Ramp: experience, open, public, entry--> sky.
Stairs: functional, enclosed, private, exitway--> earth.

Above: Circulation system: Stairs and ramp largely direct circulation.
Storyboard sketches: ramp creates an architectural promenade and experience through main areas of house, especially to and from the garden.
Smaller plans show distribution of horizontal planes and inbuilt furniture built for living: "a CONTAINER for living."

Relationship to landscape: The Villa Savoye is an elevated slab, a CONTAINER for life with the garden contained/at its heart. Due to the power of the human mind in advancing technology and the modern world, man's way of living is both elevated above and existing wholly with nature- between the earth and sky.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rotation 3: workshop 6

Below: first hand in exercise, storyboarding journey through the main corridor of my house.
Below: final assignment, storyboarding movement through a bakery proposal I designed.